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The Desert Gold Desert Drywasher was developed in the Mojave Desert of Southern California after years of prospecting. After  many frustrating experiences using expensive factory built equipment that was inadequate, I came to a couple of inescapable conclusions:

 Most of the undiscovered gold was in the desert where established mining methods using water don't work. Why? It is impractical to haul large amounts of water into remote areas for prospecting purposes. You need equipment that is light, yet capable of processing a lot of earth. The best drywashers available could at best process maybe 200 to 300 pounds of dirt in an hour. Yet a man could easily dig 2000 pounds of loose dry dirt in an hour. I knew the secret of getting gold out of the ground was to process a lot of dirt. That's why I came up with the idea of the Desert Drywasher.

I saw one hard working family, a father and three teenage sons dig close to 50 tons in one day. This was at Coolgardie Camp north of Barstow, CA. When they were done, they struck camp and left, so I'm not sure what they got out of that, but I'd guess 3-4 ounces plus one nickel size nugget they showed me. Not bad for a hard days work! 

Here's what you get:

20 pages of detailed computer generated drawings, fabrication instructions, parts lists, and helpful hints on how to build your own Desert Drywasher.

Below are examples of the drawings.


A 30 minute video showing complete assembly of the Desert Drywasher, helpful fabrication hints and instructions, and the Desert Drywasher in action in the Mojave Desert.

Below are still clips of the video.

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